about car title loans in costa mesa

Emergency Cash When You Most Need It

So what exactly is a car title loan? It’s certainly worth your while finding out because you will soon discover that parked in your lot or outside your building is your key to obtaining some extra cash pretty quickly. In short, car title loans are secured loans on privately owned motor vehicles where the lender – in this case us – takes a charge on the car and becomes what is technically known as the lienholder. Using the car as collateral enables us to offer these loans to all applicants, irrespective of the nature of their employment, if any.

● Credit for bad credit applicants
● Fast application process
● Up to $20,000

About the loans and the process

Our loans are available for any amount between $2,600 and $20,000 and we don’t ask what you need the money for. The amount we can make available will be governed by the make, model and condition of your car. Applying is really easy – you just pick up the phone to our office or use the form on this website. You will soon be talking to a member of our friendly loans team whose job is to help you submit your application – which we know you want urgently and quickly.

Discreet procedure

The procedure is completely confidential so no one else will know that you are using your car as a source of finance – especially as you will continue driving it while the loan is being repaid.

So why wait? Apply for car title loan in Costa Mesa by calling (949) 392-6334